Fiberglass and Cedar canoes

New Canoes:  Our most popular design is the "Ultralight" ribless cedar canoe, which is lightweight and beautiful to paddle and view. We have been building this style for thirty years.

Repairs & Restoration:

 Custom Woodworking: Over time the wood components on your canoe rot and need to be replaced.  We can replace gunwhales, decks, seats and thwarts and yokes based on your needs.

Refinishing: We can bring your canoe back to its original glory both inside and out. We can strip out any old finishes on the inside and restore using spar varnish to rejuvanate and protect that beautiful wood.

Fiberglass & Canvas skins: We offer either skin for vintage cedar canoes. Keep them original or make them more tolerable to rough useage; the choice is yours. We can do clear gloss fiberglass finishes or use high grade marine polyurethanes in most popular colors.


Seats and Yokes: We have several varieties of seats and yokes in our showroom ready to be installed by us or by yourself.