We provide repairs to all makes and models of fiberglass boats both structural and cosmetic. 

Fiberglass repairs: From light damage to major reconstructions, we have the experience, tools and materials necessary to provide proper fiberglass repairs to your boat.  We have extensive experience using both polyester and epoxy resins and can do proper hull repairs and also replace floors, transoms and stringers.

Gel coat repairs: We have done countless gel coat applications. While some shops fill damaged gel coat with fillers and paint, we repair your boat with what it is made out of. We use the highest grades of polyester gel coats and can custom color match on site or order in digitally matched gel coat mixed to the factory specs of your boat. From the smallest scratch to major storm damage, we have you covered.   

Bill Chalmers

Before & After

Compounding and Buffing: With the sun being stronger than ever, UV rays penetrate your gel coat surface and leave a chalky residue, the equivalent of rust on metal. Unlike rust however, it can safely be removed and your original luster restored. We offer a three step buffing system for use on fiberglass boats with gel coat surfaces. First we apply a course-cutting compound, which removes oxidation and light scratches. Then a UV polish is applies that brings out a deep, high gloss shine and helps to protect the surface from harmful UV rays. Next a polymer sealer is applied which seals off the porosity of the gel coat surface and helps to prolong the shine and repel the return of the chalk. During this system, we can also remove minor gel coat scuffs and scratches by using fine grit wet sand paper.