Wood Boats: 

Wood boats are becoming scarcer on the waterways and even scarcer are people with the knowledge required for maintainence and restorations of these beautiful yet labor intensive crafts. Paul grew up working on wood boats in the 50's and 60's with his father and can help you sort through the misinformation that is rampant with wood boating. We enjoy booking in classic boat restorations in the winter months but can also tackle lighter restorations in the summer. 

Rib/Plank replacement: From ribs on Peterborough runabouts to mahogany planks, we have done them all.         

Refinishing: Wood boats need frequent recoating of topcoats to protect the wood and keep your boat looking great.  We offer several different products and systems from a simple recoating of spar varnish to complete stripping und clear urethane applications.